100 Jahre Überseesender

Zum Gedenken an 100 Jahre Überseesender Tuckerton und Eilvese


w2wsc/wsc de dl100oui dl100oui


oui dl100/oui de w2wsc k


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ga dr bob bob = rst 599 599 op henrik hw? w2wsc de dl100oui kn


dl100oui de w2wsc/wsc

gt henrik. well we are thrilled to qso with you on your final day operating. in honor of this, we will now resend the original message from president wilson


w2wsc de dl100oui =

nw dr bob qtc qtc = tnx fer gd wk nj/dl in 2013 es hny 2014 to op of w2wsc/100 es obarc = end of qtc = hw? w2wsc/wsc de dl100oui k n


de w2wsc/wsc

hny from all of us here at w2wsc, sjdxa, and obarc. will now resend original message from 100 years ago. on this occasion on the opening of the tuckerton wireless, i send to your majesty my best greetings and offer my congratulations on this additional link to bind the u.s. and germany. dl100oui de w2wsc/wsc k


cfm cfm w2wsc/wsc de dl100oui =

cfm dr bob tnx fer info es tnx fer all = nw qru vy 73 es hny fer u es family w2wsc/wsc de dl100oui k n



and special thank to you all from steve w2usf and bob n2hm age 73 es hny dl100oui de w2wsc/wsc sk


cfm 73 to steve = w2wsc/wsc de dl100oui 73 tu e e


Vielen Dank an Henrik – DL6OCH für die Vorbereitung und Aktivität.

Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht!

73′ Sascha de DL2GC